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Clovis, California (November 21st, 2023) – Today, conservative political consultant Roger Stone releases the following statement announcing his endorsement of David Giglio for Congress, representing California’s 20th House District:

“I'm sure you're as fed up as I am with establishment politicians like Kevin McCarthy who have failed us time and time again. Kevin McCarthy is nothing more than a puppet of the Washington swamp, who was removed as Speaker for lying to the American people. It’s not enough to simply take away Kevin’s gavel. It's time to remove him from Congress altogether. That is why I am proud to announce that I have officially endorsed David Giglio for Congress in California’s 20th Congressional District. David Giglio is the real deal. He's a man of courage, integrity, and love for America. Unlike Kevin McCarthy, he will not be controlled by the special interests that are polluting our nation's politics. David is committed to draining the swamp, dismantling the Deep State, and putting America First. The Washington uniparty is wreaking havoc on our country, laundering billions of dollars of taxpayer money, weaponizing the justice department against conservatives, and aggressively pushing their radical WOKE agenda in our businesses, classrooms, and online. Every dollar counts! We can’t afford to maintain the status quo. Let's work together to ensure that California's 20th District is represented by a leader who will fight alongside President Trump to defend our values, protect our freedoms, and put America first.” David Giglio responded to Roger Stone’s endorsement by saying: "Kevin McCarthy was a failure as Speaker and continues to fail as California’s 20th House District’s congressional representative. McCarthy had every opportunity to uphold the promises he made to the American people, and failed at every turn. I am honored to be endorsed by Roger Stone because he is a true American patriot who loves this country and will do whatever it takes to drain the Washington swamp, disrupt the status quo, and make America first again.”


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