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My mission is simple. I am steadfastly committed to being your


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David believes we must continue to follow President Trump's lead and implement policies that put American workers and businesses first. This means implementing policies that would help raise wages, encourage the domestic production of goods, and hold corporations that offshore jobs accountable. 

Instead of imposing blanket tax increases on corporations, Congress should reward companies who produce goods domestically and punish those who outsource jobs and production.

David also believes that there is no such thing as "free trade" if you don't have "fair trade." He agrees with President Trump's position that the United States must eliminate our trade deficits with foreign nations.

As a small business owner, David understands that small businesses are the backbone of our economy and the epitome of the American Dream. David supports the elimination of the so-called "self-employment tax," which places undue burdens on small business owners and entrepreneurs. 

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