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Originally from Connecticut, David attended the University of Scranton, where he starred on the baseball team and graduated magna cum laude with a degree in History and Political Science. Following his tenure at Scranton, David earned a master's degree in teaching and taught high school history.


A dream career opportunity led David to support his wife’s decision in their move to Central California’s San Joaquin Valley. 

David is now the proud owner of CaliCards & More in Clovis, where he is responsible for the buying/selling of sports cards and memorabilia through secure online and in-person venues.

David watched as elected leaders jumped from office to office, breaking promises made to constituents, and failing to lead on key issues.


David believes in putting America first.


David vows that when he goes to Washington, he will not kowtow to Party leaders, special interests, or corporate elites, but fight alongside President Donald J. Trump as wages war against the uniparty, dismantles the Deep State, and Makes America Great Again.

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