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My mission is simple. I am steadfastly committed to being your


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Joe Biden and Secretary Mayorkis can attempt to gaslight the public about the situation at the Southern Border all they want, but the American people know the truth, it's a crisis.

My opponent John Duarte was elected by the people of the 13th District in part because he promised that he would fight to secure the southern border.


Instead, he betrayed them the very first opportunity he had by voting against the House GOP's H.R.2 - Secure the Border Act of 2023.


According to the SJVSun, "Duarte said his opposition was rooted in protecting the Central Valley’s many farmworkers who do not have citizenship and are in the U.S. illegally."


If that weren't bad enough, in his original statement, Mr. Duarte insinuated that he is against securing the southern border because it would deny wealthy farm owners like himself access to cheap labor.


David firmly believes that immigrants are people, not cattle to be exploited for the financial gain of wealthy elite like John Duarte. A wide open Southern Border has wreaked havoc on Valley communities and led to rising costs, increased gang violence, drug use, homelessness, and crimes against people and property.

There is no putting the people of the 13th Congressional District first, without fighting to end the crisis at our nation's Southern Border. Therefore, unlike Rep Duarte, once elected I vow to support the following:

  • Impeachment of Secretary Mayorkas

  • Temporary moratorium on immigration until the border is fully secured, the wall is finished, the backlog of current pending cases is cleared, and the naturalization process is streamlined to meet 21st Century demands.

  • Merit based system

  • Nationwide e-Verify

  • Capital punishment for drug and human traffickers.

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