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My mission is simple. I am steadfastly committed to being your


Grandmother and Grandson


Medicare and Social Security are vital and irreplaceable government programs for our seniors. Unfortunately, irresponsible borrowing and spending by career politicians in Washington continues to put the future of both programs at risk. For too long, career politicians in Washington have wastefully spent our tax-payer dollars on pet projects and endless foreign aid. In many cases, to fund these unnecessary and wasteful programs, our elected representatives elected to borrow from Medicare and Social Security, with no regard for long-term consequences.

If we continue to spend beyond our means, it will become nearly impossible to ensure that both programs are properly funded without massive tax increases. The reality of the situation is simple. If our elected leaders learn to act more responsibly with our tax dollars, both program’s sustainability would not be in question. If we can curb wasteful government spending and programs, we can ensure that Medicare and Social Security are both adequately funded WITHOUT having to raise taxes. 

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