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Clovis, California (January 9th, 2023) - Today, America-First candidate for Congress David Giglio releases the following statement calling on Speaker Mike Johnson to reverse course on bipartisan spending agreement:

"With the announcement that Speaker Mike Johnson has agreed to a $1.66 trillion budget deal with Democrats that fails to achieve any tangible spending cuts, halt the invasion at the Southern Border, and end the corrupt Biden Regime’s weaponization of government against President Trump and conservatives, House Republicans have once again capitulated to Joe Biden and the radical Democrats and failed to deliver on their promises to the American people.

Unfortunately, this how permanent Washington operates. Corrupt career politicians campaign on promises to slash the budget, secure the border, and end the WOKE agenda, but then work with Democrats behind closed doors to preserve the status quo and betray the very people who elected them.

If Speaker Mike Johnson follows through on this deal, he will prove that he is no better than Kevin McCarthy, who was removed from his position by members of his own party for colluding with the Democrats and the rogue Biden regime. Speaker Johnson must reverse course and refuse to fund the federal government until Democrats are forced into real concessions.

As Speaker, Nancy Pelosi was faced with the same “tiny majority” that Republicans have had for the past year and a half, but she was willing to shut down the government to earn concessions from Republicans.

If the GOP ever wants to be more than a controlled opposition party, we must be willing to fight as hard as the radical Left to deliver on our promises.

With a staggering $34 trillion in debt, this bipartisan spending deal does nothing but add to the future burden our children will face. It’s time to drain the swamp and elect real America-First Republicans who will fight for the future of our country and work alongside President Donald Trump to close the border, deport all illegal immigrants, slash federal spending, and make America great again!”


All media inquiries should be submitted to:

Press Release Johnson Spending Deal
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