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Clovis, California (February 15, 2023) – David Giglio released the following statement announcing the suspension of his campaign for Congress and his endorsement of Sheriff Mike Bordeaux:

"After careful prayer and deliberation, I have decided to suspend my campaign for Congress in California's 20th Congressional District and urge my supporters to join me in backing Sheriff Mike Boudreaux.

Today's decision was a challenging one to make. During this campaign, I gained the friendship and support of some truly wonderful people, and while it is not in my nature to give up before the final out is made, I must put the best interests of the people of the Central Valley above my own ambition.

As the only candidate in this race to challenge former Speaker Kevin McCarthy directly, I understand how important this opportunity to defeat the McCarthy/Abernathy machine is. Now is our moment to chart a new course for the Central Valley, and we must be willing to do everything possible to ensure we are successful, even if that means I must step aside.

For anyone who has already cast a ballot on my behalf, I cannot express how much your support means to me. Rest assured, I do not plan to disappear or give up the fight. I will never shy away from fighting to hold our elected leaders responsible, and I will never waiver in my support for President Trump and his America First movement. While my time may not be now, one can never truly know what the future holds.

Despite initially expressing some concerns regarding Sheriff Boudreaux's motives for entering this race, I can now say with complete certainty that he is a good man and is in this race for the right reasons. Mike and I have had the chance to form a friendship over the last few weeks, and I know he both understands and shares my passion for change.

America is a nation at war. The radical Left seeks to fundamentally transform our nation into another failed leftist state. To stop them, we must elect strong Republicans with the courage to confront this threat head-on. I believe that Sheriff Boudreaux possesses this courage, and I expect him to make the Central Valley and me proud.

The stakes are far too high. We cannot let Kevin McCarthy use his money and influence to send another bought-and-paid-for politician to Washington to sell out the American people. Sheriff Boudreaux represents our best chance at stopping the radical Left and disrupting the status quo.”

Thank you,

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