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My statement on the show-trial and conviction of Steve Bannon

While the “leaders” of the Republican Party have chosen to remain silent regarding the political persecution and conviction of Steven K. Bannon, I cannot do the same.

America was founded upon the notion that “Lady Justice” is blind. Punishments for crimes are to be carried out fairly and impartially, regardless of political affiliation. Until recently, this ideal was canon. Now, in a deeply troubling turn of events, the radical Left has determined that yet another one of America’s founding ideals is “outdated.”

Under Joe Biden, Merrick Garland, and Christopher Wray the Department of Justice and the FBI have morphed into a “Gestapo-like” police force that is hellbent on silencing anyone deemed a "threat" to the regime. All the while, “friends” of the regime like the Bidens, Adam Schiff. Anthony Fauci, Deborah Birx, the SCOTUS leaker, and Hilary Clinton are allowed to commit crimes with impunity.

If Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell are too naive enough believe that this type of behavior is going to end with Bannon, then they are not up to the task of leading the Republican Party. Perhaps there is another more nefarious reason for their silence?

Republicans mustn't allow America to become a “faux” republic where the “scales of justice” are tipped towards one side. Unless we display the courage to stand firm and fight back the Left won't stop. Now is the time to show strength. The American people are depending on us.

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