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Giglio: Voters Can Thank ‘Gas Tax Gray’ for the Pain at the Pump

Gas in California Hit Record High Average $4.72 Per Gallon

[MADERA] — David Giglio, the Republican candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in California’s 13th Congressional District, released the following statement in response to the AAA report revealing gas in California hit a record high average per gallon, and will head higher:

“Voters have ‘Gas Tax Gray’ to thank for the pain at the pump and will hold him accountable in November for casting the deciding vote to approve the state gas tax," Mr. Giglio added. “When Adam Gray is not hiding from controversial votes like a typical political coward, he’s supporting the radical policies pushed by those who’ve endorsed him, and it’s hurting people.”

The report blamed the increasing prices of crude oil and the number of refineries shut down under the Biden Administration, which can be attributed to the reversal of national energy policy adopted under the Trump Administration. Under the prior administration, the U.S. had become energy independent and a top energy producer for the first time since Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Unfortunately, the damage done from this so-called moderate and his band of radicals has not yet been fully felt by the public. Tom Kloza, global head of energy analysis for the Oil Price Information Service, the firm that tracks gas data for AAA, believes $5 a gallon could come to California some point in the second quarter, and perhaps sooner if the U.S. foolishly provokes the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, a major oil producer.

“Adam Gray dodges difficult votes to fool people into thinking he’s a 'moderate' and not one of the radicals who’ve endorsed him," Mr. Giglio further stated. "But voters of the Valley better believe that if Adam was in Congress right now, there would be nowhere to hide from big votes and he’d be supporting the policies that are causing this economic hardship.”

“As I’ve said many times: Hiding from 30% of ‘key votes’ in your career doesn’t make you a ‘moderate’,” Mr. Giglio added. “It makes you a coward.”

ABOUT DAVID GIGLIO: David is a political outsider, former public-school teacher, and a small business owner in Madera. He is running as a Republican in California’s 13th Congressional District.


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