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Giglio: “Local GOP Endorsements Betray The Voters, the Valley, and Leader McCarthy”

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Anti-Trump Republicans on Petty Retribution Missions Aren’t Reforming the CAGOP, They’re Ensuring It’s Extinction

MADERA, CA – David Giglio, Republican candidate for the U.S. House in California’s 13th Congressional District, released the following statement in response to local Republicans endorsing Democrat Assemblyman Adam Gray.

“The decision on behalf of certain Republicans to endorse a Democrat exemplifies why elected Republicans have been going extinct in California for decades,” Mr. Giglio said. “Rather than Fighting for the Valley, these defeatists have chosen to betray their voters and their purported values in exchange for political favors.”

“While this alliance is being portrayed as bipartisanship, it’s nothing more than a collection of politicians with a legacy of failure on a petty retribution mission to purge the party of the former president.”

“Moreover, these endorsements spit in the face of soon-to-be Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy who is seeking a historic victory in this district. They are a sad attempt to thwart a would-be ally who will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Leader McCarthy to stop the radical Biden/Democrat agenda.”

“There is no diplomatic way to put it: quitters, who are accustomed to losing, are asking the voters of the Valley to settle for Adam Gray in the same manner they settled for Jim Costa decades ago. The Valley doesn’t have another twenty years to waste on a Jim Costa 2.0”

“Voters do not have to settle for Gray. He’ll vote Nancy’s way,” Mr. Giglio added. “We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to win an open seat in Central California, to improve the lives of voters in the Valley, and to rebuild the Republican Party into a more diverse coalition than ever before.”

“During the recall, our internal polling alone predicted three of the counties in the newly drawn 13th District would vote “Yes” to remove Gov. Gavin Newsom. That same polling now finds this race to be a statistical dead heat, with Adam Gray holding no name recognition advantage over David Giglio.”

California’s 13th Congressional

District Generic Ballot:

  • PROMPT: If the elections for the U.S. House of Representatives were held today, for which party candidate would you vote in your congressional district? (Randomize candidates)

The survey of the proposed final iteration of California's 13th Congressional District was conducted by Big Data Poll and sponsored by David Giglio for Congress. BDP interviewed 529 registered voters districtwide via online survey panel from December 23 to December 27, 2021. Interviews were not conducted on Christmas Day. The sampling error is ± 4.0% at a 95% confidence interval. Results were weighted to represent statewide voter file demographics to include gender, age, race and region. The partisan breakdown of the survey was 40.4% Democratic, 30.4% Republican, 23.8% Independent and 5.4% Other. It’s important to note that sampling errors for subgroups are higher.

When asked which party candidate they would vote for the U.S. House of Representatives, 45% chose the Democratic candidate and 42% chose the Republican candidate. Interestingly, former President Trump outperforms generic Republicans among key Hispanic groups. Among Hispanics of Mexican descent, the Republican candidate trails the Democratic candidate by only two points, 45% to 43%. However, President Joe Biden trails President Trump among these voters, 46% to 43%.

“The voters of the Valley have been neglected by career politicians for years, this includes Hispanics, independents and disaffected Democrats,” Mr. Giglio further stated. “They simply want and deserve someone they can count to keep their promises and fight for them in Congress.”

“Unfortunately, what too many local ‘Republican leaders’ want to give them is another betrayal, and it’s a shameful embarrassment.”

Earlier this week, we released internal polling showing our team’s hard work on the ground over the last year has paid dividends. In the district, Mr. Giglio’s name recognition is on par with Assemblyman Gray. The numbers confirm that voters in the Valley are tired of being ignored, which puts our campaign in a strong position to flip the district in this year’s crucial midterm elections.

ABOUT DAVID GIGLIO: David is a political outsider, former public-school teacher, and a small business owner in Madera. He is running as a Republican in California’s 13th Congressional District.


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