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David Giglio to Run in California’s New 13th Congressional District

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

MADERA, CA – Republican Congressional Candidate David Giglio announced he will run for the 13th Congressional District of California and made the following statement:

“With the redistricting process complete, I am excited to announce that I will be running for

Congress in California’s new 13th district.

“The 13th District includes a large majority of the region that my team and I have campaigned and built support in for over a year like Merced, Madera, and Fresno Counties. We are certain that a year's worth of fundraising and building relationships with stakeholders and grassroots supporters makes us the only viable campaign that can win this seat and help take back the House.

“Once elected, I will fight to pass a comprehensive water solutions package to once and for all solve California’s water crisis. I will oppose COVID lockdowns, support tax cuts for hard working Americans, and oppose wasteful spending. I will defend small businesses, fight for deregulation and work to limit governmental power, and secure our southern border. And now, more than ever, I will fight to give parents and local communities more control over their children’s education and be a constant advocate for school choice and work to strike down the divisive critical race theory. I pledge to work tirelessly for our Valley to help ensure it remains one of the best places in California to live and raise a family.”

David Giglio is a political outsider, former public-school teacher, and a small business owner who lives in Madera."


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