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Clovis, California (December 13th, 2023) – Today, David Giglio, the only America First Republican running for Congress in California's 20th District and his campaign attorney John M. Piece, officially announce a legal challenge to Assemblyman Vincent Fong’s congressional campaign:

Campaign Attorney John M. Pierce of the NCLU released the following statement:

“California Election Code 8800 makes it crystal clear that Assemblyman Fong is not allowed to withdraw from running for reelection in the State Assembly after having filed and qualified by last Friday’s deadline. Furthermore, California Election Code 8003(b) and case law states that no candidate is allowed to run for two offices on the same ballot during the same election.

If the California Secretary of State and Kern County Recorder are willing to disregard existing election laws due to what they are now claiming to be “unusual circumstances,” we will take legal action against both parties to force them to adhere to the law. No one is above the law, not the Secretary of State, the Kern County Recorder, Kevin McCarthy, or Assemblyman Fong.”

Candidate David Giglio added to his response:

"Last week, Assemblyman Fong stated that after much prayer and deliberation, he had decided not to run for Congress to replace his former boss Kevin McCarthy, and would instead seek reelection to the State Assembly in District 32.

Now, after apparently deciding that the Lord gave him poor advice, Mr. Fong has had a change of heart and announced that he intends to run for Congress to replace Kevin McCarthy despite having filed and qualified for reelection to the State Assembly at the close of the legal nomination period on Friday, December 8, 2023.

While the Lord might forgive Mr. Fong for going back on his word, the laws of the State of California make it clear that what he is attempting to do is illegal under two sections of the state election code -- EC 8800 which states "no candidate whose declaration of candidacy has been filed for any primary election may withdraw as a candidate at that primary election" and EC 8003(b) "no person may file nomination papers for a party nomination and an independent nomination for the same office, or for more than one office at the same election."

Former Speaker McCarthy and Mr. Fong's misguided actions are yet another example of the corrupt Washington cartel acting outside the boundaries of the law.

A desperate and illegal plot such as this is further proof that the corrupt uniparty is threatened by our America First movement and campaign. They seek to eliminate any candidate by any means necessary, who will be a loyal ally to President Trump and fight alongside him to ensure that his entire Agenda 47 is implemented into law.

Their inability to control or "buy" me frightens them to the core.

We will not let K-Street Kevin McCarthy, spineless RINOs, and special interest groups steal another deep red seat from President Trump and MAGA.

They can try to break all the laws they want in order to eliminate me, but I refuse to back down and allow them to steal an important congressional election from the people of the Central Valley and the nation."


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