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CLOVIS, CALIFORNIA (DECEMBER 8, 2023) – Pastor Dr. Darrell Scott, a staunch ally of President Donald J. Trump has officially endorsed David Giglio for Congress in California’s 20th Congressional District and released the following statement:

“The battle for the soul of America is upon us, and there's no room for half-hearted RINOs, spineless politicians, or people who sell out our best interests to fill their pockets. In the looming war between MAGA and the Swamp, I'm here to make it crystal clear that our fight demands real America-First patriots who will do whatever it takes to save America.

That's why I'm proud to announce my endorsement of David Giglio for Congress, representing California's 20th Congressional District.

This is no time for fake Republicans or career politicians; we need a bona fide America First patriot and David Giglio is that conservative fighter. Unlike the Republicans in Congress who continue to compromise with Marxists, David Giglio is ready to confront the radical Left's assault on our Constitution head-on.

In 2024, the showdown between MAGA and the Swamp will be in full effect. We can't afford to send spineless politicians to Washington who bow down to the corrupt uniparty.

It's time for real conservatives to take control and save our country. David Giglio is the antidote we've been waiting for—a fearless fighter who will stand shoulder to shoulder with President Trump to dismantle the Deep State, crush the uniparty, and advance President Trump's Agenda 47.

David Giglio's commitment to faith, love for America, and unwavering loyalty to President Trump set him apart as the fighter we need. He's not just a candidate; he's a force to be reckoned with—a man who will stop at nothing to ensure our Constitution and values are upheld.

As we stare down the challenges that lie ahead, we can't afford to allow spineless RINOs to slip through the cracks.

We need David Giglio—a leader who embodies the spirit of CA20, fighting for us in Congress.”


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