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The Biden Admiration recently unveiled a proposed federal budget that calls for $6 trillion in spending and decades of yearly trillion-dollar deficits. With key inflation indicators like the CPI and PCE flashing warning signs about the strength of our economic recovery, the President’s current budgetary proposal is irresponsible to say the least. For decades, our federal government and elected officials have behaved like teenagers with their parent’s credit cards, with little to no regard for the long-term economic consequences of their behavior.


Rather than focusing on spending our tax dollars responsibly, politicians and bureaucrats in Washington have decided to lavishly spend on wasteful pet-projects and endless foreign aid. As the need to fund the ever-increasing number of these non-essential programs increases, the solution for many on Capitol Hill is to raise taxes on hard working Americans. At a time when Americans across the nation are struggling to recover financially from the economic burden of prolonged government-imposed lockdowns related to the coronavirus pandemic, the last thing our elected officials should be asking from them is that they send more of their money to Washington to indulge the insatiable appetites of career politicians.

This reckless spending by our elected officials and bureaucrats is one of the biggest reasons that necessary government programs (i.e., Medicare, Social Security, infrastructure, and support for our veterans) are at risk. If our elected officials in Washington learned how to properly manage our tax dollars, we can balance our nation's budget, pay off debt and fully fund these essential programs.

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