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My mission is simple. I am steadfastly committed to being your




At a time when Americans across the nation are struggling to recover financially from the economic burden of prolonged government-imposed lockdowns related to the coronavirus pandemic, the last thing our elected officials should be asking from them is that they send more of their money to Washington to indulge the insatiable appetites of career politicians.


David believes in spending the American people's tax dollars wisely, not lavishing. This includes protecting vital programs like Social Security and Medicare.


To reduce our national debt and cut the deficit, David supports the following reforms:

  • Dramatic reduction in the number of non-essential programs/agencies

  • Consolidation of the bureaucracy

  • Significant reduction in the size of the federal workforce

  • Eliminate and/or dramatically cut foreign aid.

  • Eliminate pensions for new federal employees and replace them with 403(b)/Roth 403(b) retirement plans like those used for public school teachers.

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