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Clovis, California (November 28, 2023) – Former Trump Administration National Security Advisor, General Michael Flynn, has officially endorsed David Giglio for Congress in California's 20th House District. General Flynn released a statement expressing his support for Giglio and highlighting his concerns about current Representative Kevin McCarthy's record:

"Kevin McCarthy’s record of reckless spending, his failure to secure America’s borders, and his refusal to fight back against the radical Left’s weaponization of our government, is completely at odds with what it means to be America First. Rather than keeping his promises and standing strong, Kevin repeatedly sold-out conservatives by capitulating to Joe Biden and Hakeem Jeffries. Removing Kevin as Speaker is not enough. We must send a message to the establishment and kick him out of Congress altogether.

That is why I am proud to endorse David Giglio in his campaign in California's 20th House District.

David will fight relentlessly on behalf of Valley farmers in Washington to pass his plan to end California’s never-ending water crisis. He will push back against open borders and support the completion of President Trump’s border wall. With a crime epidemic sweeping the nation, David will use the Power of the Purse to force radical Leftist attorney generals and district attorneys, who refuse to prosecute crime, into doing their job. As a teacher, David believes in universal school choice and will fight to make it the law of the land. Simply put, David Giglio possesses the grit, courage, and unwavering commitment to our Constitution and the American people that we need fighting for us in Congress.

To truly drain the Swamp and put America First, we MUST elect more patriots like David Giglio. I urge the people of California’s 20th District to join me in supporting David today.

David Giglio responded to the endorsement by expressing gratitude and emphasizing his campaign's momentum:

"My campaign to defeat career swamp creature Kevin McCarthy continues to gain momentum. I speak to more and more Patriots each day who, like General Flynn, are fed up with the excuses spewed by politicians like Kevin McCarthy to justify preserving the status quo.

I am honored and humbled to receive General Flynn’s endorsement and support. General Michael Flynn is an American hero, who puts his love for his country and her people above himself. General Flynn's unwavering support of our America First movement and his exposure of the Deep State continues to inspire Americans nationwide."


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