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On the Phone


While I firmly believe that private corporations have the right to make operational decisions without interference by the government, I am deeply concerned over the coordinated effort by Big Tech firms (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, et el.) to silence the voices of Americans who express opinions that they disagree with or have deemed as “wrong.”

Big tech companies are not and should not be arbiters of truth. Freedom of speech and thought are rights that are paramount to our Republic. In America, we should promote and encourage individual thought and debate rather than stifle it. For I may not always agree with someone else’s opinion or viewpoint, but I will never stop fighting for their right to express themselves.

If these Big Tech companies want to act like publishers, then it is time for the federal government to take up the issue of Section 230 reform and begin treating them as such. Republicans cannot afford to be afraid to take on this companies now, because we will not get another chance. 


In reality, this should not even be a partisan issue. Protecting every American’s right to speak freely and express themselves should be of concern to all of us regardless of political affiliation. For today you might be on the “right side” of the argument, but you must always remember that you are always one differing opinion away from the mob turning on you.

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